Create Courses

Educators can easily create courses and easy accessibility of courses by students

Online Classroom

Educators can easily coordinate and manage their classrooms.

Students Progress Tracking

Get access to all information pertaining to your students in one place.

Tests & Examination

Easily set, schedule and grade examination for your students

Detailed Reporting

Easy to use built-in reporting engine for easy insights into activities.

Assignment Portal

Set and schedule asssignments and grade students individually or as a group.


Keep track of all important information and access them at a go.

Mobile Compatible

Easy accessibility of ULearn platform by students and educators on mobile.

Live class

Easily Schedule, invite and hold live classes for students


Collect and process all applications easily in one place

Survey & Polls

Get instant feedback from users using our quick survey system

News & Announcements

Notify and send messages easily to everyone using news portal

Digital Library

A collection of all course notes and materials in one place


Open Q & A forum for students and educators to interact